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The University of Florida offers involvement opportunities for all students to maximize their university experience. With thousands of events put on annually by student organizations, social sororities and fraternities and UF Student Government, there is an involvement opportunity for every Gator.

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Through the Center for Leadership & Service students can volunteer and put big ideas into motion. From the international service grants to mentoring, students can find the value of lifelong service and civic participation by engaging the university and its greater community in action, change and learning.

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The Florida Greek community is governed by student-run councils that plan educational programs, offer academic incentives, enforce policies, oversee recruitment and intake processes, and provide a support network and voice to the University and local community. To learn more about the four councils, please visit our website. 

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At UF, opportunities to lead and make an impact are around every corner.The Center for Leadership and Service provides education, information, and resources on leadership to help students continued to grow.

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Home to more than 1,000 student organizations, there’s are ways for all students to get connected and explore their passions.

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The University of Florida Student Government, established in 1909, exists to represent and act in the interests of the students. Student Government (SG) has created an academic and extra-curricular environment benefitting students through its programs and works to sustain and improve them each year. SG's power is balanced among three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

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